Auntie Margaret
Auntie Margaret turns 90 August 21, and 2006. Happy Birthday, Auntie. The picture above is from her 81st birthday

The Traditional Healing Systems – Lomilomi of the Big Island of Hawaii as passed down in the family lineage of Auntie Margaret Machado, Dr. Dane Silva and Lanakila Brandt.

“Auntie” Margaret Kalehuamakanoelu’ulu’uanapali Machado has an international reputation for her work with Hawaiian Lomilomi. How Auntie Margaret came to have such a healing touch is an interesting story.

Orphaned at a young age by her mother’s death, Margaret was raised in a Missionary Home of Oahu. Her maternal grandparents and several of her close family lived at Napoopoo, and she never lost touch with her roots. It was her Big Island grandfather in particular who blessed Margaret with chants and at a young age gave her the special middle name.

traditions - lani_volcano2His name was John Au, other wise known as Ko’o from Napoopoo. His nickname Ko’o, Meaning very ‘strong’, referred to his skills in practicing the art of ho’oponopono (making things right), the art of mental cleansing by the use of discussion, examination and prayer, he was a Ha’Ha Kahuna.

“Ho’oponopono is an essential part of the Native Hawaiian Art and Culture Lomilomi Therapy”

And if there is any sin or ill feeling in our hearts we must confess it to God, of our understanding, and if we have a heavy burden we must cast it upon the Great Spirit. One must confess their sin against Spirit and man, then ask the Great Spirit to help them to forgive and receive forgiveness. To correct or make things right. This is part of what the Hawaiian people called Ho’oponopono and had to be done before the Sun set by each Kahuna Lomilomi as energy of greater concentration always flows to that of a lesser concentration.

traditions - lani2Lanakila Brandt a Kahuna Pule of Mo’o Lono

A Temple priest of Lord Lono – a Hawaiian deity dedicated to agriculture and peaceful healing activities.

It was a different world that Brandt inherited. There was no way one could make a living as a Lono priest, so Lanakila, who had also been trained in hula and Oli (chant), developed a successful career entertaining at the big hotels with his hula troupe. He continued to study healing and Hawaiian spirituality. One of his first medicinal healing teachers was Auntie Ida.

In the early days of passing on the family traditions, whether building canoes, oral history through hula and oli (chanting), lau’ lapa’au (herbal healing), or healing through Lomilomi some would apprentice under one or more Kahunas for twenty years or more. Some Ancient practitioners often received their knowledge from the Aumakua, ancestral gods, in dreams; these visions could be instantaneous, transmitting a body of information to the practitioner in a flash of light…. – Dr. Dane Silva

People like Auntie Margaret Machado, Dr. Dane Silva, and Lanakila Brandt are preserving the Traditional healing arts and culture of the Hawaiian people.

traditions - Uncle-Freddie-massage-z
Uncle Freddie

This is a journey into responsibility and passing on the authentic Traditional Hawaiian Healing System of Lomilomi. It is one we honor under the guidance of the Hawaiian Lomilomi Association.

The Hawaiian Lomilomi Association was created in humility, to embrace our elders present, and before us. The Association exists to perpetuate, protect, and promote traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi and to assure that these practices are respected (and not taken for granted and abused in the Western way of thinking and doing business). The Council of Elders and respected teachers, of authenticated Kahuna lineage, are: Margaret K. Machado, Kalua Kaiahua (who passed away last year), Dr. Dane K. Silva, Dr. Maka’ala Yates, Wesley Sen and Patricia Catanzaro.

Lomilomi Somatic Healing Center (604.431-7474) practices and teaches Lomilomi in accordance with the Hawaiian Lomilomi Association.