Singing Anvil Clan

Dr. John-Luke Edwards teaches the Wolven Path Celtic lineage shamanism and created CSGMSS that now is holding the 7th annual residential animist shamanic gathering and conference in Squamish, BC from May 4th-May 8th, 2015.

Tree & Star A Call For Reconciliation





by John-Luke, our Shaman Master…

“Shamanic Process is an integral, relational and inclusive way of living, and by that definition, spiritual and not religious. We live in a holographic universe in which we are connected and interconnected at pan-dimensional levels, the Shamanic life is one by which we appreciate, relate and journey at those levels.

The Shamanic ritual can be considered a metaphor for psychological process, and yet at a deeper and more profound level it is also the sacramental expression of the meta-physical and soul connection.

We incarnate and take our physical form and we use this form to experience the joy and pain of the world and to fulfil a chosen destiny. This incarnation remains linked and united to our spiritual being and origin.

At times our incarnate selves ‘loses the plot’ and becomes distracted or lost and our spiritual connection gets ‘interference’ or becomes ‘disconnected’. This ‘disconnection’ can be a result of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma. Our soul being fractures and those fractured parts or essences, disaffiliate, becoming lost or exiled from us.

At this point our lives can become seemingly pointless or without direction and we wander from physical experience to physical experience searching for connection and meaning. And all the while our spirit, our soul is calling and searching for us, yearning for return.

And such is the microcosm of our hunger and thirst for the Divine. Reconnection and witness to our sacramental truth is the essence of Shamanic Process.

The process utilises:

Soul Retrieval – reconnection to that which is lost & exiled

Past life regression – linking to the ‘un-done’ in our spiritual history

De-possession – redemption of primal wounds

Psycho-pomp – a calling to our spiritual service

De-armouring – breaking free from useless barriers

Medicine touch – spirit healing

Vision Quest – re-connecting to our spiritual guides and our spiritual destiny

The Six Shamanic Principles

Recognizing that we are each a spirit with a body, mind and soul, not each separately. Our spirit is in essence who and what we are; it is the essential ‘I’; the experience, the singer of the song. Our spirit is our Greater self, not the mortal self, the more than, the sojourner.

Establishing contact with the spirit within, our own spirit, which is the source of personal empowerment and creativity. Not relying or depending on some external power or authority.

Realizing that everything is alive. Animals, trees, rocks, oceans & mountains, the earth and stars, each has an ‘aliveness’ that may be a different experience from our own, but nevertheless living. This will open our eyes to our way of being with all around us.

Accepting that there are inner zones of reality which affect and regulate what we experience outwardly. Within these zones are helpers and guides to enable our own change.

Everything external is a reflection of an internal process or journey that is calling for attention.

The source sings a song that our spirit is drawn to – there is but one song though many tunes.”

used with permission