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Can a cold be cured in one day?

No one is safe from colds. And for some reason, she always catches up with us at the wrong time: before a responsible exam, on the eve of an important meeting, during an emergency at work. How to quickly cure a cold, preferably in 1 day? And is it possible?

Relieve Cold Symptoms
The saying about a cured cold, passing in a week, and untreated – in 7 days, was not in vain. Indeed, if you already have the whole cold “bouquet”: a runny nose, cough, headache, and a sore throat, then you will have to torment all week, well, maybe five days, if the body is strong. Then you can alleviate your condition with the help of drugs that relieve the symptoms of a cold. There are a large number of them today. These are powders for the preparation of a medicinal drink. They contain, as a rule, paracetamol (antipyretic and anti-inflammatory substance), as well as drugs that constrict blood vessels and facilitate nasal breathing, vitamin C, caffeine, which reduces headaches.

But the funds are not intended to make you run away to work, feeling relieved. The common cold, or rather ARVI, is not so harmless, and it must be “found out”. In addition, you can not swallow such funds in batches – doctors consider a safe dose of 2 sachets per day for 3 days.

How to cure a cold in one day?
Answer: to seize a cold at the very beginning and immediately take action. And the beginning is not when you are already sneezing with might and main, but in your throat it is as if scrubbed with emery. The very first signs of trouble – there is a slight discomfort in the throat and a little twitch in the nose. This moment also needs to be traced.

What to do?

1. Gargle with any disinfectant solution: furatsilinom, miramistin, tincture of calendula, eucalyptus, decoctions of herbs (sage, chamomile). If there is none of this in the house, you can make such a solution: a glass of warm water, 1 tsp each. soda and salt and a few drops of iodine. (Caution: iodine can cause an allergic reaction!) Gargle several times a day.

2. Rinse your nose with salt water. You can buy a ready-made solution in a pharmacy, or you can use the same as for a throat.

A rinse or rinse solution can be made with salt
3. Spread the wings of the nose with the “Asterisk” balm, under the nose with oxolin ointment.

Even if you do not cope with a cold in one day, then thanks to these measures, it will flow much easier.

How to help with a cold?
If you did not manage to cope with a cold at the very beginning and you still get sick, the first thing to do is to stay home. Better yet, go to bed and sleep. Sleep is an excellent remedy for many diseases, and even more so for colds.

During the illness, forget about all matters – both workers and household. Do not go to work – nobody needs your heroism, and first of all you yourself. And do not start spring cleaning while staying at home. Otherwise, you risk falling ill seriously and for a long time.

Rest, sleep more; in the early days you should not watch TV, read and, of course, sit at the computer. The body must gain strength to cope with the disease.
Do I need to take antiviral drugs?
Advertising constantly convinces us that this or that tool is able to fight the virus. But in fact, there are very few antiviral drugs with proven effectiveness, that is, those who have undergone clinical trials on patients and have proven effective. Most of what is sold in pharmacies does not apply to them. Effective antiviral agents are needed to combat serious viral infections, for example, with severe flu, herpes. But they are not harmless at all, and take them according to strict indications.

If the temperature is above 38, consult a doctor
Available antiviral drugs, including homeopathic ones, are unlikely to bring special benefits, but there will be no harm from them.

If there is fever and chills
Usually ARVI occurs at a low temperature. High temperature, above 38 degrees, is characteristic of influenza. It is necessary to take antipyretic drugs when its values ​​exceed 38.5 degrees. But if you do not tolerate high temperature, then it must be reduced earlier. Aspirin-based antipyretics should not be given to children.

At high temperature, chills may appear – a feeling of cold and trembling (the patient “shakes”).

To reduce the temperature, you can wipe: with water, diluted with vinegar (1 tablespoon per 0.5 liter of warm water), vodka (for adults). Rubdowns begin with the armpits, elbows and popliteal fossae, then wipe the entire body. A napkin with vinegar solution is placed on the forehead.

At temperature and chills, the patient needs as much fluid as possible, it is best to drink plain water, teas with herbs, fruit drinks. Drink often in small portions. Drinking should be warm (not hot!).

Watch the temperature in the room – it should not be high, and the air should be dry. Ventilate the room, humidify the air, especially during the heating season.

Clothing should be light, made of cotton.

With chills and high temperature, you can not:

to wrap up, put on warm clothes;
soar feet;
put banks

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