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What you need to know about rashes on the labia

Acne causes a lot of trouble. And when they grow on the genitals, then fear is mixed with chagrin: what if it is a genital infection?

Rashes and acne usually occur on the labia and pubis.

Causes of rashes on the labia
The causes of the rashes on the labia can be completely innocent:

tight, non-breathable underwear;
overheating or hypothermia;
insufficient genital hygiene;
allergy to care products;
reaction to partner sperm.
Acne and rash can appear with hormonal imbalances, they can be symptoms of non-infectious skin diseases: acne, psoriasis.

In some cases, rashes on the labia show infections of the genital organs:

molluscum contagiosum;
inguinal epidermophytosis;
In each case, the nature of the rashes will be different, the appearance of acne can be accompanied by other unpleasant manifestations: itching, pain, burning, purulent discharge. Depending on the types of acne on the labia and related symptoms, as well as, if necessary, based on the results of the tests, the doctor can make a diagnosis.

The cause of the rash on the labia may be hypothermia
Red rash on the labia
A small reddish rash appears when wearing tight or crashing underwear (for example, thongs), which rubs the delicate skin of the labia.

Such rashes can cause cosmetic and hygiene products for intimate areas if they are of poor quality or simply give an allergic reaction (scented pads).

Reddish rashes can occur due to overwork, emotional upheaval.

Acne manifests itself with such a rash, while no other sensations (pain, itching) arise.

Redness of the skin and tightening can occur due to inflammation of the follicle during hair growth. As soon as the hair comes to the surface, such a pimple will pass by itself.

Redness of the skin and tightening can occur due to inflammation of the follicle during hair growth. As soon as the hair comes to the surface, such a pimple will pass by itself.

The most dangerous red pimple can be a manifestation of syphilis – a hard chancre. This is a slight, painless ulceration of a fleshy red color.

Poor hygiene causes inflammation
White rashes on the labia
Such small pimples like goosebumps appear with insufficient intimate hygiene.

Acne of white color on the external labia may appear due to hypothermia. They are quite large and painful.

Painful acne with a white coating on the labia appears with candidiasis, or the well-known thrush.

Painful acne with a white coating on the labia appears with candidiasis, or the well-known thrush.

Purulent rashes
If the white color of the rash is due to pus that has accumulated inside, then this indicates the penetration of the infection. There may be several reasons for this.

Sensitive skin on the labia may be injured due to shaving.
Suppuration of the follicle when infection penetrates into it is caused by trauma to the skin during shaving, as well as ingrown hairs in the bikini area.

The constant wearing of synthetics creates a greenhouse effect on the skin, in which pathogenic microbes reproduce perfectly.

Purulent acne also manifests sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis. Often they are accompanied by fever, itching, burning, soreness when walking, sexual contact. In these cases, doctors diagnose vulvitis – inflammation of the external genitalia or vulvovaginitis – if the inflammatory process also affects the vagina.

Another genital infection, manifested by vesicles with pus, is genital herpes. Such watery acne itches and causes great discomfort.

Skin color acne
Such rashes on the labia can be caused by molluscum contagiosum – a viral infection that is transmitted through sexual contact. These are small pimples pressed into the center. When pressed, a whitish mass leaves them.

Skin color acne can cause itching.
Small flesh-colored pearlescent pimples indicate Fox – Fordyce disease. They are accompanied by severe itching. The disease is of an obscure nature. It is not infectious and is caused by excessive secretion of the skin glands.

Subcutaneous acne
Painless formations under the skin can be harmless wen.

And in some cases, such subcutaneous acne is an individual feature of the skin of the labia.

If the internal pimple on the labia hurts, then perhaps its cause is the infection in the sebaceous duct or in the bartholin gland (on the labia minora). Such an acne can degenerate into an abscess, which is dangerous by the spread of infection with blood and lymph.

When changing underwear, rashes may pass
How and how to treat rashes on the labia
The causes of the appearance of a rash and acne in the intimate zone are many, as are many types of rashes. A layman is not able to make the correct diagnosis, based only on their description.

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