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Why it is dangerous to cause menstruation

People strive to control almost everything in their lives. And even such a natural process as menstruation, women sometimes try to transfer. In official and traditional medicine there are several ways to correct the timing of menstruation. However, before calling your period, it is important to think about whether this is really necessary? And will you not regret it in the future?

What happens in the female body
The menstrual cycle in a healthy body lasts 21-35 days. Such terms are individual for each woman. The cycle includes two phases:

Follicular. During this period, the dominant follicle matures. The follicular phase lasts an average of 14 days. It ends with ovulation (the follicle ruptures, and a mature egg enters the fallopian tube).
Luteal. After the egg is released, a corpus luteum forms in the ovary. Its main task is to provide a hormonal background for successful conception. The corpus luteum actively produces estrogen and progesterone. These hormones make the endometrium (uterine mucosa) loose and thick to ensure normal implantation of the embryo. The luteal phase lasts about 13-14 days.
The luteal phase may end:

Pregnancy The embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus and begins to develop. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to practice independent monthly calls. This can even be fatal.
Menstruation. The egg is dying. Prepared endometrium is no longer needed. Therefore, the uterus gets rid of it. In the body, the synthesis of progesterone is sharply reduced. The thickened layer does not receive the necessary nutrition and begins to gradually atrophy. The endometrium becomes thinner and breaks away from the uterine wall. He comes out with bleeding that has begun. The body increases the synthesis of estrogen. This hormone helps to reduce the uterus. So the female organ gets rid of everything unnecessary.
Sometimes the follicular phase may slow down. In this case, the delay can reach 15 days. Possible lengthening of the luteal phase. But usually only for 3-5 days.
The reasons for the delay and why you need to urgently call your period
Women can give hundreds of reasons why they need to postpone their periods. It can be trips, important meetings, planned vacations. Sometimes the reason for the transfer of critical days is associated with sports, weddings. After all, I really want to be in shape at the right date.

Due to stress, there may be a delay in menstruation.
Sometimes the question: how to call your period, is not related to the postponement of the deadlines, but to the delay. In this case, it is important to deal with the reasons for the absence of menstruation.

Delay may be caused by:

hormonal imbalance;
psycho-emotional shocks;
rigid diets;
obesity or exhaustion of the body;
physical overstrain;
endocrine diseases;
pathologies of the reproductive system;
taking certain medications (hormones, psychotropics, anabolics, anti-inflammatory drugs).
It is quite difficult to determine the reasons for the delay on your own. Some pathologies (ovarian cysts, tumors, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory processes) can be asymptomatic for a certain time. In these cases, an attempt to cause menstruation can seriously aggravate a woman’s condition.
How to cause menstruation with a delay
There are two ways to call your period:

Physical. A woman creates conditions in which the endometrium begins to be rejected prematurely.
Hormone. Taking certain drugs (or refusing certain drugs) changes the hormonal background. Under such conditions, the endometrium begins to rapidly atrophy and is rejected from the uterus.
Before taking hormones, you need to do a pregnancy test.
If your period has not come on time, then be sure to start with a pregnancy test. Repeat it several times. Only by making sure that you are not pregnant can you challenge your period.

Is it worth it to call them
Neither the physical nor the hormonal method of causing menstruation are among the safe for the female body. Therefore, before interfering in the work of the reproductive system, be sure to weigh the pros and cons. After all, it is very easy to break the menstrual cycle, and it is extremely difficult to restore it.

An independent call of menstruation can lead to such complications:

heavy bleeding;
violation of the cycle;
amenorrhea (complete absence of menstruation);
hormonal imbalance;
fatal outcome.
It is strictly forbidden to resort to calling menstruation with:

the presence of a spiral in the uterus;
endocrine diseases;
poor blood clotting;
prolonged hormone therapy;
the appearance of unpleasant symptoms (discharge, pain, itching, fever).
With pain, you can not try to cause menstruation
Sometimes a pregnancy test may show a very vague second strip. In this case, the risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy is high. This is a dangerous condition. A woman does not need an independently performed “abortion”, but competent help from doctors. Therefore, wondering if it is possible to call your period, start with a visit to the gynecologist.

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