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Sports and menstruation: what is possible and what is not

Critical days always make serious adjustments to a woman’s life. And sometimes they make you completely change plans. And even a visit to the fitness room becomes open to question. Indeed, is it possible to do sports during menstruation? Is this useful? Or, on the contrary, harms the body?

Female body: what happens in it
Several centuries ago, menstruation was perceived as a cleansing of the body and renewal. Modern women are well aware that critical days are a process of rejection of the upper layer of the uterus (endometrium), which is accompanied by jumps in hormones. However, these are not the only changes that occur in the body. Therefore, before you figure out whether you can or cannot do sports during your period, you should carefully study what is happening in the woman’s body.

Gynecologists say that menstruation is accompanied by the following processes:

the level of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets decreases;
fluid in the tissues is retained;
the amount of female hormones (progesterone, estrogen) decreases;
hemoglobin level falls;
irritability, nervousness intensifies;
metabolism worsens;
weakness appears;
immunity decreases.
Doctors were divided in their opinions. Some argue that physical activity benefits the female body. Others categorically prohibit the practice of sports during menstruation. Which of them is right?

Can I do exercises during menstruation?
Physical activity has a positive effect on health and well-being. This is an indisputable fact. But the female body is fraught with many secrets and secrets that simply defy logical explanation. Therefore, thinking about the possibility of playing sports during menstruation, listen to your body. If it is full of strength and energy, then certain exercises will only benefit you.

If you play sports intensively, you can cause increased pain
Sports and menstruation: pros and cons
Doctors recommending sports, argue the benefits of physical activity with the following advantages:

Easy leakage. In women who regularly practice physical education, menstruation is much easier. They are less likely to complain of such unpleasant symptoms as pain in the abdomen and chest, sudden mood swings, inexplicable nervousness and moodiness.
Improvement of blood circulation. Those who in every possible way avoid physical activity often face stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. This can lead to rather unpleasant consequences.
Activation of metabolism. Moderate loads contribute to the activation of microcirculation and improve metabolic processes.
Mood boost. Exercise contributes to the development of endorphins in a woman’s body. And they are responsible for a good mood.
However, do not rush to joyfully head to the gym. Exercising during menstruation can harm the body. Doctors give the following disadvantages:

Increased pain. Excessive activities can increase discomfort and cause bouts of pain. Most often, such symptoms are observed with excessive training on the first or second day of menstruation. These days it is recommended to minimize all loads.
Intense bleeding. This is another unpleasant complication that can occur against the background of increased sports.
Prolapse. Uterine prolapse can threaten those women who practice strength training. Doctors even recommend professional athletes to reduce the intensity of exertion during menstruation by 30%.
The risk of endometriosis. It is believed that an unpleasant disease associated with pathological growth of the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) can occur against the background of active sports. To reduce the risk of developing endometriosis, doctors recommend giving up exercises during menstruation, in which the pelvis rises above body level. Such activities can lead to blood entering the abdominal cavity and the development of serious complications.
4 important recommendations
Before you decide for yourself, you can play sports during your period or delay physical activity until the end of critical days, you need to visit a doctor. The body of a woman is too individual. Therefore, what is useful to one patient can harm another.

Power loads are contraindicated during menstruation
Gynecologists recommend adhering to the following postulates.

With normal menstruation
If the body is in perfect order, and menstruation does not cause any negative symptoms, then it makes no sense to abandon the sport. However, it is necessary to completely eliminate all burdens. In addition, it is recommended to reduce the load intensity by 30%.

You should not perform exercises with menstruation that can increase bleeding. This category includes:

various body turns;
jumping, sharp swings with legs;
power loads;
weight lifting;
rotation of the hoop on the stomach;
load on the lower back, abdomen;
pulling up;
work on simulators;
swinging the muscles of the press.

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