what is lomi - danesilvaHawaiian Lomilomi is a native Hawaiian Art and Culture. Auntie Margaret says Lomilomi massage is “the loving touch – a connection between heart, hand and soul with the source of all life”. It is praying work….

The written history of the Lomilomi healing system and its proper uses are scant. The Hawaiians did not have writing, they relied on oral history in chants, talking story and hula dance to pass on their traditions. Through the Polynesian Islands and Hawaii Lomilomi was part of a family’s tradition. Now, many practitioners pass on their healing traditions believing that all people on the earth are part of their o’hana (family).

There are many facets involved in authentic Lomilomi healing, both spiritual and physical. Auntie Margaret teaches:

“Hawaiian Lomilomi is a loving touch. Love the body you are working with as if it were your own”. This is the secret of her technique. “If your hands are gentle, your mind is clear, your heart is loving, and you are present, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart. His or her soul will reach out to yours, and the Great Spirit’s healing will flow through you, and bring a healing to both of you.”

Lomilomi uses many techniques:

  • Massage
  • Heat
  • Diet
  • Cleansing
  • Topical herbal therapy
  • Exercise
  • Counseling (ho’oponopono).

Come and learn how Lomilomi can facilitate your own self-transformation. We will discuss and demonstrate many aspects of the Lomilomi healing system including:

  • Defining “touch of Aloha”
  • Huna
  • Flow of energy
  • Cutting aka cords
  • Meditation
  • Increasing mana
  • Rituals & prayer
  • Herbs
  • Hands-on Lomilomi using a massage table or chair.