Hawaiian Healing

Below are some principles and methods used in Hawaiian healing (Lomilomi is only one component of Hawaiian healing).

Manaola: Life Force Healing

  • Creator (Akua), order Nature (‘Aina, prescription Kai, hospital Lewa), People (Kanaka)
  • Multiple levels of Akua, ‘Aina and Kanaka
  • Ha (breath), Aloha (acknowledgment of spirit that rides on the breath)
  • Pono (the right way); Ola (healing); Mana (accumulated, focused life force); Malama (to care for, preserve and protect)

Kuleana: Responsibility for Healing & Communication

  • Injuries: (ma ‘I make, ma’I na loko, ma ‘I na waho mai) acute, chronic, degenerative, addictive, or psychological diseases
  • Health Care (Biomedical Model, Hawaiian Model, Chinese Model)
  • Communication: Provider-Client, Provider-Provider, Ohana (family)-Provider, Ohana-Client

Pule (Prayer) Powerful Ingredient for Healing

  • Opening prayer (ho’owehe) – Ho’ola E ola mau ka honua, e ola mau ke ao lewa, ho’ ola hou ke kanaka
  • Closing prayer (ho’opau)
  • Larry Dossey, MD: author of:
    Be Careful What You Pray For: You Just Might Get It
    Prayer is Good Medicine: How to Reap the Healing Benefits of Prayer
    Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine

Methods for Myofascial & Joint Release

  • Lomi stick movements
  • Self-massage
  • Self-stretching
  • Assisted stretching
  • Anti-oxidant supplements (Vitamin C, curcuminoids, (‘olena), green tea etc.)
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements (enzymes, curcuminoids – ‘olena – etc.)
  • Anti-stress supplements (kava, Chinese herbs, etc.)
  • Cartilage repair supplements (glucosamine sulfate, MSM)
  • Nutrition (sugar, salt, alcohol, fat, protein, carbohydrates, water, fiber, herbs, milk).