Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

ch- Crystal-1184Crystal healing, search as a therapy in itself, may appear to be new, using ideas and methods from many cultures combined together, but the present day interest in crystal healing is simply a continuation of mankind’s fascination with gemstones and minerals down the ages.

There has been no historical period, nor any culture that has not prized crystals for their visual, magical or healing properties.

Our current scientific understanding of the chemical structure and properties of crystals is comparatively recent yet our modern world would simply not be possible without crystals. From computers to car engines, lasers to space shuttles – all have vital components made from those peculiar bits of stone.

The properties of crystals derive from their orderliness and the stability of their atomic structure. If subjected to some outside force (such as heat, pressure, electricity or light) crystals are able to make minute adjustments to restore their internal stability. This is the quality that makes crystals so important in many different areas of technology

We ourselves do not exist separate from the mineral kingdom, for all life has built up using the raw materials of the planet. Any mineral or crystal collection reflects what we have in our bodies – from iron crystals in our blood to minerals that crystallize in our bones. Similarly, the minerals we take as food supplements and the fertilizers we use in our fields and gardens are the same materials that exist in the crystal forms we use as decoration or tools for healing.

A Crystal Healing Session

ch - Crystal-294-300hMost crystal healers and therapists work with a holistic model of the human being where the physical health is seen as part of a larger picture that includes the emotions, mental state, lifestyle and aspirations of the individual.

When a body is unwell or diseased it is usually because the natural balance or rhythm has been lost. Using crystals with their perfect atomic structure, offers patterns for the body to follow to help self-healing.

Crystal healing can also be used to help someone achieve goals or work towards their full potential. In this way, crystal healing is does not simply ‘fix’ something that is out of balance or in a state of disease. It can be used to create more coherence within the whole person to move forward in their life.

During a crystal session you will be asked to lay on a couch, sit in a chair or lay on coverings on the floor. No removal of clothing is required, only your shoes and maybe your watch and/or jewellery for your own comfort.

Crystals will be placed on or around you, in some instances a combination of both. Depending on how the crystal therapist works, the crystals may be left for only a few minutes and then new crystal placements made. This process can be repeated for as many times as your body requires.

A typical session will run for approximately 45 minutes to one hour with a brief profile and medical history taken on your first visit.

How do Crystals Work?

ch - Crystal-1295No-one knows how crystals and gemstones can help the healing processes of the body.

It may be that the very nature of crystals increases the levels of harmony in the immediate environment. Introducing an element of order into a chaotic, disorganized state always tends to increase overall orderliness.

When our own energy systems begin to break down under stress the simple, powerful resonance of a crystal may help us to clarify and reinstate our own harmonious patterns of health. Placing crystals, the most orderly matter in the universe, close to energy imbalances, whether it is physical illness or emotional and mental upset, may encourage our body’s own healing processes to become more effective.

ch - Crystal-1264Science has yet to discover what is actually occurring during crystal healing, yet this in no way diminishes the real changes that are clearly felt by the participants and the lasting benefits that can be gained. Only by trying out a healing system for ourselves are we able to judge its worth.

The words above taken from the website of our Crystal teacher Hazel Raven College of Bio-Dynamics